2013 WOW Awards Show Exhibition in Nelson


The 2013 WOW® Awards Show Exhibition is a fresh, inspiring experience for all visitors and runs until May 2014. This exhibition showcases an incredible selection of this year’s entries from the World Of WearableArt™ Awards Show.

The hero garment for the exhibition is the 2013 Brancott Estate Runner Up to Supreme Award winner, ‘Chica Under Glass’. This stunning fibreglass piece was borne out of the opportunity to create art without boundaries. Local WOW® designer Peter Wakeman created the garment by hand, using no moulds.

‘Chica Under Glass’ is accompanied by over 50 garments. There are seven 2013 section & special award winners, and six world-class entries on display from Nelson designers.

This exhibition will capture the imagination of any visitor, and is not to be missed.

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